Products and Services

We offer a wide range of technological and production processes of your projects and services in Welding and non-destructive testing.


  • design and supply of single-purpose machines for the chemical and glass making industries, including the long-term supply of spare parts
  • manufacture of pneumatic ship unloaders and cereal loaders
  • manufacture of suction excavators
  • manufacture and supply of spare parts and complete units for engineering and machinery
  • manufacture of silos and storage tanks
  • manufacture of hose conveyors
  • manufacture of equipment for pneumatic transport
  • manufacture of steel structures
  • supply of grey and malleable cast iron castings, including models
  • manufacture of weldments of up to 32 tonnes
  • supply of cut shapes, plane shaping of sheet metal (up to a length of 10,000 mm)


  • CNC plasma shape cutting of sheet metal (50 x 3,000 x 14,000 mm)
  • CNC orbital cutting of pipes with a plasma burner (up to a diameter of 400 mm, wall thickness 40 mm, length 12,000 mm)

  • CNC shape flame cutting of sheet metal (250 x 2,500 x 13,000 mm)
  • CNC roll bending of sheet metal (up to a thickness of 15 mm, width 3,000 mm, length 12,000 mm)
  • machining of parts
  • metal part production and fitting
  • welding and heat processing (quench hardening, cementing)
  • dividing of metallurgical material
  • welding courses
  • sand blasting (handling of products with a weight of up to 30 tonnes)
  • INTERNATIONAL and HEMPEL painting systems
  • design work, design documentation

Service and Assembly

  • assembly work and service maintenance under warranty or after warranty
  • complex range of repairs according to an agreed plan
  • repairs to gearboxes and transmission systems
  • assembly and maintenance of production shop floors (outsourcing)
  • general repairs to machines


  • AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., člen AGC Group
  • Bridgestone
  • Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling Ltd.
  • ČEZ
  • Elektrárna Počerady, člen Sev.en Energy
  • EXCON, a.s.
  • Glanzstoff – Bohemia s.r.o., člen Indorama Ventures Company
  • Lovochemie, a.s.
  • MCE Slaný s.r.o.
  • NEUERO Industrietechnik für Förderanlagen GmbH
  • OLPE (OLPE MONTÁŽE, spol. s r.o., OLPE plus, spol. s r.o.)
  • RSP Germany GmbH
  • TES–Slévárna s.r.o.

Welding school

  • basic courses as per ČSN 05 0705 in methods: 311, 135, 111, 141, 121
  • training courses as per ČSN 05 705 in methods: 311, 135, 111, 141, 121, 971, 21
  • periodical additional training and testing of welders in accordance with the safety provision as per ČSN 05 705
  • welding courses and periodical additional training and testing of welders as per standards ČSN ISO 9606, ČSN ISO 14732, ČSN ISO 13585 in methods: 135, 111, 141, 311, 121, 913, 978
  • consultancy for welding jobs

For more information, contact
Dana Seibtová
+420 777 923 316

Defectoscopy – Non-destructive methods (NDT)

  • visual checks of welds (VT) – direct method, basic checks to identify surface defects and deviations
  • magnetic checks (MT) – identifying surface defects by the magnetic particle inspection method, can only be used for ferromagnetic materials
  • penetration checks (PT) – identifying surface defects using colour penetrant method, can be used for both magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • X-ray method (RT) – identifying inner volume defects (in particular for welds, products, piping and welders’ tests), executed by RTG lamp with 160 kV input
  • ultrasound checks (UT) – identifying inner volume and surface defects and measuring the thickness of walls of metal materials

For more information, contact:
Ing. Michal Pavlát
+420 723 353 744